Peterborough Movie Houses – to 1948

  • Bradburn Opera House (1876–1906 in its original manifestation), 334 George St. N., between Charlotte and Simcoe streets; site of the first motion picture showing in Peterborough, January 1897; later known as Victoria Hall; part of a block of buildings demolished in 1974 (with the exception of Market Hall, and its clock tower), replaced by the new structures of Peterborough Square. 
  • Grand Opera House (1905–c.1933); 284 George St. N.; building demolished 1941; site later of the Paramount movie theatre and in 2010s of The Venue. 
  • Penny Arcade/Coliseum (1906–07?), 432 George St. N.; in 2010s the site of Christensen Fine Art. 
  • Wonderland (July 27, 1907–Oct. 25, 1907), 445 George St. N., on the west side of George, north of Brock St.; later (in 1939) site of Coleman’s paint shop, and in 2010s of BioPed, “Custom-Made Orthotics” and “Shoe Modifications.” 
  • The Crystal (1907–1913), 408 George St. N., in the “Crystal Building,” on the east side, north of Hunter; in 2013 the site of Brown Business Equipment and after that The Peace Pipe. 
  • Royal (1908–19, 1921–25), 344–348 George St. N.; one of the buildings demolished in 1974; in the 2010s the site of Peterborough Square, fronting on George. 
  • Princess Theatre (1909–16), 415 George; site in 2010s of Real Thai Cuisine. 
  • Red Mill Theatre (1913–16), 408 George; succeeded the Crystal. 
  • Empire Theatre (1914–21), 224 Charlotte St., on the north side, about midway between the Peterborough Curling Club Rink (#218) and Aylmer St.; in 1947 the site of Firestone store; in 1984 the buildings on the site were destroyed by a fire. 
  • Strand Theatre (1916–20), 408 George St. N.; succeeded the Crystal and Red Mill. By 1920–21 its site was occupied by the Dominion Billiard Company; later, the Liquor Control Board of Ontario, Lowe Brothers Paint Store, Sherwin Williams Co. of Canada, Caryn’s Bath Boutique, Melting Pot Co-Op, etc.  
  • Tiz-It Theatre (1916–17), 415 George St. N.; succeeded the Princess; in 1918 the site of the Paris Cafe, succeeded in the 1950s by the Hi-Tops Restaurant, and in 2010s the site of Real Thai Cusine. 
  • Allen Theatre (1919–21), 344–346 George St. N.; briefly supplanted the Royal. 
  • The Regent (1920–1949), 139 Hunter St., on the south side of Hunter between George and Water, site once occupied by “the old ‘Times’ offices on Hunter Street”; in 2010s the site of Hobarts steak house. 
  • The Capitol (1921–61), 306 George St. N.; in 2010s Curry Village and other businesses are on the site. 
  • Centre Theatre (1939–56), 344–348 George St. N., in the space that had formerly been the Royal Theatre, in the middle of the George Street block where Peterborough Square now stands. 
  • Odeon Theatre (1947–86), 290 George St. N.; now the site of the Showplace Performance Centre. 
  • Paramount Theatre (1948–86), 286 George St. N.; now the site of The Venue.
Jonah Cristall-Clarke